Web applications.

Our team of developers has expertise and commercial experience in almost all modern web development technologies.

Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR

We have successfully deployed many applications using Flash, Flex and AS3, and we are intimately acquainted with the Flash player as an application platform; we also know how to design cross-platform experiences that work using Adobe AIR.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

The new HTML5/CSS3 web standards are set to revolutionize the browser experience. We are excited about HTML5 and we enjoy creating Javascript browser applications using libraries such as jQuery, prototype, mootools.

Microsoft .NET - C#, VB.NET, SQL

Enterprise-level web applications using .NET frameworks, C#/VB.NET and SQL Server are bread and butter for us. We keep abreast of new Microsoft technologies such as LINQ and WPF.

Open source - PHP, MySQL, Drupal

We love open-source as much as the next developer. Building applications on the Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL (LAMP) stack is always a pleasure. And our latest large-scale projects are being developed on top of Drupal installations.


Mashups combine the power of online data and services to create new experiences. Here are some of the common services that we can use to create a new mashup application.

Search - Google, Yahoo

Services such as the Google Search API and Yahoo! Search Web Services can integrate any kind of web search into an application. Or we can create custom search engines that do things in new ways.

Mapping - Google Maps, Google Earth

Google Maps API and Google Earth API allow us to create mapping tools and visualizations that take advantage of new mapping technologies.

Social - Facebook, Twitter

Facebook API and Twitter API both mine social networks for relevant content in real-time to create new kinds of apps.

Visual - Flickr, Youtube, Google Images

Flickr, Youtube and other APIs give us access to the vast library of image and video resources now available on the public web.

3D modelling and animation.

Symmetri specializes in using 3D models to create novel interfaces.

3D web - Papervision3D, Sandy3D, Away3D, HTML5

For the first time, developers can create real 3D interfaces within the browser. We have experience using the leading 3D web technologies such as Papervision3D, Sandy3D, Away3D and HTML5 libraries.

3D modelling - Blender, Sketchup, CAD

We create mesh models using Blender and building models using Google Sketchup, as well as more advanced engineering and architecture models using CAD tools such as AutoCAD.

3D animation - Flash, Javascript

Code-based animation is the new cool, and we can create great animation effects and real physics using libraries such as prototype and jiglibflash.

Desktop and server.

The new Web 3.0 is flashy, but nothing makes up for some old fashioned grunt work. Our team can deliver solid desktop and server applications in a variety of technologies.

Microsoft Windows applications

For specific applications, a Windows-based solution is often a good option. We build desktop and server application using all .NET frameworks.

Database development - SQL Server 2005/2008

If we had a dollar for every SQL statement we'd written, we'd be money. We've maintained and built code for SQL databases both large and small.

C++, C, VB, VBA

Older technologies still have their place, especially in some business contexts. We maintain and upgrade existing applications using C, C++, VBA, VB.